Learn to become a confident, engaged university student 

through tailored transitions support



Who am I?

I am a college consultant who has worked with adolescents for decades, including over 15 years as a high school counselor in international environments. I can provide individualized guidance and expertise in university admissions processes to dozens of countries around the world. My goal is to help students not only "get in" to university, but to clarify and understand the steps needed to be successful once they get there. ​I help young people build the tools and personal skills to start them on the path to greater long term success. As a professionally certified coach, I help each individual build upon their strengths and personal story to become their best future self.


Who are you?

You are a parent of an international student, who wants them to be prepared to make the most of their university years and career prospects. Throughout their childhood, you have been able to provide them with a richness of opportunities in education, travel and life experiences. Deciding their pathway after secondary school is the first major life decision they face on the road to adulthood. This decision can feel so overwhelming that you may feel unprepared to guide them. As with all stages of your parenting journey, your primary goal is for them to be successful and happy.

You are looking for someone who can:

  • augment the excellent resources and planning your current school provides.

  • offer additional individualized support, tailored to the needs and background of your teenager.

  • dedicate time to meet your student and family's needs.

  • support your student's physical and mental wellbeing to make this a less stressful process.

  • answer your questions about application procedures and make suggestions for "best fit" institutions.


My goal is for your teenager to arrive & thrive on their future university campus, to take advantage of all the academic and wellbeing resources available to them, so that they can emerge with a confident sense of self and clear pathways towards the future. 

The Compass & The Lighthouse

Over the centuries, as sailors ventured across the oceans, the compass was their invaluable guide, a way to find direction when there was emptiness stretching on every horizon. Sailors trusted in the compass to help them reach their destination.

For sailors journeying across the vast, often stormy seas, the lighthouse was a beacon, a symbol that their voyage was almost over. They were approaching the safety of a harbor. In between the sailor and the shore, the lighthouse marked the dangers to avoid -- rocks, waves, fog -- and guided the sailors home, in day or night.


Here at Aleka Bilan Consulting, I aim to serve as your compass and your lighthouse. Your guide and your guardian. As you travel to join new educational communities, the journey can feel stormy. I am here to point the way, to guide you safely to the new shore, to be ready to thrive once you arrive. I, too,  have sailed these proverbial seas and am looking forward to supporting you in this next step of your journey. 

Upcoming Events & Presentations


  • SeaChange Mentoring's Advisory Series: Supporting your Leavers & Stayers with Jane Barron of Globally Grounded