For Individual Students


For current High School Graduates

Are you moving away from home for college/university?

Wondering how best to prepare yourself for making new friends, succeeding academically and engaging with your campus community?

Would you like tailored support all the way through your first few months in college/university to set you up to flourish?

Let's work together to ensure you begin your university career ready to thrive and establish a strong foundation for your future.


I provide individualized coaching support from the final term of high school,

through the summer holiday and the first term of college/university. 

Packages can include support for parents and siblings.

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For Current High School or University Students

Would you like to be a better version of yourself, academically and personally?

Are you interested in personalized support for identifying and moving towards your future goals? Do you need a little help in setting up systems that maximize your efforts and make the most of your choice of study/major or your high school program? Are you managing your time, your studies, your friendships, your professional relationships well, while preparing for your future? 

I can meet with you virtually, for individualized sessions to help you maximize the opportunities around you and reach for your dreams. 


Secondary School Students
& their Families

Are you in middle school or high school? Is your family moving to a new city or country? Do you have to change schools? Looking for support in "leaving well to enter well"? Would you like some help in navigating the application, curriculum and choices at the new school? Would it be benficial to have someone to support you through this new start, to help you land on your feet?

I can help you figure out the changing emotions of this transition, as well as support you through the logistics of your educational and cultural adjustment to your new learning environment.

College Students in Campus

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