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For International Educators & their Families

Are you currently working in an international school and planning to move? Is this transition anticipated or unanticipated? Are you considering repatriation to a passport country? Want to learn more about navigating moving across educational systems for your child/ren? Or, is this your first international teaching job?

With over 25 years of experience as an international educator, and multiple cross-continent moves with children, I can help. 

I have served on a school Orientation Team, and supported Leavers. In my role on the Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN) Board, I am connected with researchers and practitioners across the international schools network.

With special educator rates, I can support you in this transition.


For Parents of HS or College Students

Are you the parent of a high school senior, just leaving for university? Or, are you entering the "empty nest" phase of your family dynamics? Wondering how best to support your teenager to be more independent and responsible? Nervous about the college application process? 

As a high school counselor in international schools for over a dozen years, I have helped parents navigate the journey of parenting teenagers -- both at home and from far away. I can help you manage your own stressors and emotions to best be a bulwark for your teenager's evolution into an independent young adult.

Contact me to learn more how I can support you.