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For International Educators

This virtual interactive workshop for Leavers, Stayers and Arrivers will focus on how to "leave well in order to enter well." As we know, teachers, admin, counselors and staff are better able to teach and guide your learners if they are feeling settled physically and emotionally themselves. In the COVID-19 era, unfortunately, some international moves are unexpected and/or undertaken in a crisis situation and retention of staff has become more difficult.


In this workshop, we will consider: how to anticipate a cross-cultural move (whether this is your first or umpteenth!), how to say proper good-byes, ways to navigate moves across educational systems for accompanying dependents, and the unique challenges of repatriation. 

With over 25 years of experience as an international educator, with multiple cross-continent moves with children, I can help. 

I have served on a school Orientation Team for Arrivers, and supported Leavers annually. 

For Final-Year Students

Many of the rituals of modern societies include the move from secondary to higher education as a mark of young adulthood. This virtual interactive presentation is aimed at students on their way to graduating from your school -- how can we best prepare them to "arrive & thrive" at their next destination?

Topics will include: understanding your own cross-cultural experiences, how to manage the emotions of leaving and saying a "good" good-bye, how to find your "tribe," and which practical skills to practice before departure.

In my years of experience as a high school counselor, supporting our graduating leaver students was always one of my most important tasks. Beyond my training in transitions-care support, I can provide hundreds of anecdotes of students whose transition to university overseas ranged from the wonderful to the terrible - and what made the difference. 

For Current or Alumni Parents

This virtual presentation is aimed for parents of final-year high school students, just leaving for university. The workshop can also address parents entering the "empty nest" phase of their own life transitions.


Topics will include: how best to support your teenager to be more independent and responsible, how to manage family stress during the college application process, understanding cross-cultural educational transitions, and how to prepare for changing family dynamics at this stage of life. 

As a high school counselor in international schools for over a dozen years, I have helped parents navigate the journey of parenting teenagers -- both at home and from far away. I can help parents manage their own stressors and emotions to best be a bulwark for their teenager's evolution into an independent young adult.